Diesel Exhaust Fluid

People have come to expect and rely on the quality and service Gresham Petroleum provides. We also bring a great deal of value to buying fuels with our pre-buy programs for propane and diesel. You can lock in a great, low price and not have to worry about warehousing large quantities of fuel. Our pre-buy program offers convenience, flexibility and reliability. Our proprietary 15 million gallon storage facility means you get a guaranteed supply of the fuels you need.

We carry regular, mid-grade and premium grade gasoline both with ethanol and without ethanol.

Federal regulations have changed the composition of diesel fuel, and Gresham Petroleum remains on the    forefront, providing newly formulated diesels and bio-diesel fuel blends.

Aviation Fuels
Gresham Petroleum offers AV and Jet-A fuels for all aircraft.

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