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Gresham Petroleum offers Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG, or just propane), propane appliances and propane-powered engines for crop irrigation. Whether you want to fry up a batch of catfish, or raise crops for market, Gresham is your trusted supplier in the Mississippi and Arkansas Delta regions.

Propane Gas
Used by more than 60 million Americans, propane is safe, clean, efficient and affordable. Gresham Petroleum offers propane customers both residential and commercial timely delivery and competitive pricing. We’re there when you need us, period. We’ve built our business on customer service, and propane sales and delivery is where we shine. We also offer a monthly level pay plan in addition to our prepay and guaranteed pricing plans.

Propane Appliances
Gas dryers, hot water heaters, stove cooktops, gas grills, fish fryers, heaters, crawfish boilers… we’ve got it all. Gresham Petroleum is your one-stop shop for heating and cooking with gas.

Propane Irrigation Engines
Cleaner-burning, more efficient propane engines offer a higher return on investment than conventional diesel engines. With increasingly stringent air-quality regulations, propane engines are the way to go for agricultural irrigation. Their innate efficiency, reliability and cost savings make propane engines for irrigation an excellent alternative.

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